Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.31.2000 Nepal Developments
Dec.26.2000 The Anotodaya Scheme
Dec.23.2000 Attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba at the Red Fort
Dec.11.2000 On NDA statement
Dec.09.2000 Postal Strike
Dec.07.2000 Polit Bureau Communique
Dec.03.2000 Khanna Railway Accident
Nov.27.2000 Arab Ambassadors meet Surjeet
Nov.20.2000 Petroleum Prices: Useless maneouvre
Nov.20.2000 On Ceasefire In Jammu and Kashmir
Nov.10.2000 Pathak-Bhatt should resign
Nov.08.2000 Support To Bank Strike
Nov.03.2000 Dereservation of Garment Secto
Oct.30.2000 Kanishka Bombing Culprits Arrested
Oct.28.2000 Bardhan Statement on Special Conference
Oct.16.2000 RSS Chief Declares War on Minorities
Oct.14.2000 Denounce Israeli Violence on Palestinian People
Oct.13.2000 Open Letter to non-BJP constituents of the NDA
Oct.07.2000 Privatisation of IBP
Oct.06.2000 Extradition of Chota Rajan
Oct.03.2000 Central Committee Communique
Oct.02.2000 Flood Situation in West Benga
Sep.14.2000 Left Parties Warn Against any Politically Motivated Action In West Bengal
Sep.11.2000 Vajpayee Reveals BJP's Real Agenda
Sep.11.2000 Fernandes Mission: Act of Political Chicanery
Sep.02.2000 Andhra Developments: CPI(M)-CPI Meet President
Sep.01.2000 Protest Corporatisation of Telecom Services
Aug.28.2000 Andhra Agitation Against Electricity Tariff Hike: Police Attacks Processionsts -- Two Killed
Aug.18.2000 Reply To Election Commission's Notice On Derecognition
Aug.09.2000 Visit of US Consulate Personnel to Suchpur -- Serios Affront
Aug.03.2000 August 24 -- Protest Day Against Power Policies
Aug.02.2000 Kashmir: Attacks Condemned
Jul.30.2000 Central Committee Communique
Jul.21.2000 Andhra: Attempts To Alienate Tribals From Land
Jul.19.2000 Privatisation of Long Distance Telephony
Jul.18.2000 Election Commission's Notice - Deregistration
Jul.17.2000 Alliance Aircraft Crash
Jul.16.2000 Reply to E.C's Derecognition Notice
Jul.07.2000 Left Parties Oppose Illegitimate Cabinet Decisions
Jul.05.2000 Jammu & Kashmir Autonomy