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The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) has issued the following statement:



LDF Victory in Kerala



The CPI(M) congratulates the people of Kerala for having voted the LDF to
victory in the elections to the local bodies. This verdict is a popular
rejection of the UDF government's anti-people record and corruption. The
people have also rebuffed the communal politics of the BJP and its efforts
to rally leaders of caste-based organisations. 


The LDF has registered success in the various levels of the local bodies. It
has won 545 out of the 938 gram panchayats declared so far; 91 out of the
152 block samitis and 7 out of the 14 zilla panchayats. Of the urban
municipalities, the LDF has won 44 out of 86; of the six corporations, the
LDF has won outright 3, it has emerged as the largest block in one and in
another there is a tie. The UDF has won only one corporation outright. 


The Polit Bureau conveys its warm greetings to all the workers and activists
of the CPI(M) and the LDF for this well-earned victory.


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